I love my Grandma! Truly….Deeply

I had such an amazing night with my grandma last night! She just turned 80 recently and I wanted to take her out to dinner. I cannot tell you how much her and I can talk! It feels so good to have someone in my family that I can talk with as easily as I can with her. She feels like one of best friends more then a grandma. I tell her just about everything about me and she listens with an open heart! It is wonderful. She also makes me laugh. A LOT. She is one of the funniest females I know. I was laughing so much last night I had to catch my breath a few times! We ended up staying up rather late (almost 10:30 p.m) and I could have easily spent another couple of hours talking to her. The great thing is I also make her laugh. So it is not a one way street. I guess we just think we are so funny or something! We definitely encourage each other to expand comedic side which I appreciate. Laughter has been a wonderful medicine in my life, and you do need to stay on top of your funny skills or you lose them right? I knew my grandma and I would get along when we really started hanging out in 2011 when she suggested we go watch the movie Bridesmaids in the movie theater. It was her second time seeing it when we went! I was pretty impressed that she liked that movie and saw the humor in it. We laughed so much watching that film together. We still quote it to this day.

My grandma is also sassy, classy, honest and raw. I know how she feels and if she is not enjoying something she will say it. We once left a play in the middle of it because she was so over it!  I love that about her. I had a good laugh about that. But truly, if your not enjoying something, you have ever right to excuse yourself. Lessened learned.

I love how vulnerable she can be, yet how strong she is. But I can not get over how much FUN we have together! I crave to be around her. I always excited when we make plans. I never thought I would become so close to my grandma. I honestly feel like we have something special that does not occur often between a grandmother and granddaughter. I talk about my grandma a decent amount, and people are excited when they meet her. Like gasp! I finally get to meet Jenny’s grandma!?

I like being around my grandma for many reasons, and but one of the ones that stands out the most is that I feel really good when I am around her. I also feel like an equal to her (which always amazes me as I look up to her), she truly listens to me and really sees me. She GETS me. It is one of the best feelings in the world. And I GET her. I SEE her. I am curious about her entire life, what her childhood was like, how it feels to have children, how does it feel to have your husband die and be a widow. What is life like when your 80?  What makes her tick? What makes her upset? I Just want to know it all, and she wants to share it. I feel like I learn so much from her.

Overall, I realize that as we get older our life can still be a lot of fun and we can enjoy being alive. A lot of people fear getting older, as its a natural thing to fear, but being around her decreases that fear and shows me that people are people and life can still be ridiculously entertaining. I welcome the gift of living a long life with open arms. I want to experience life to its fullest, which is living a long one. Gaining perspective and expanding my awareness are my goals in this life. So hopefully I am granted that opportunity. It is a gift to live a long life. Not something to fear.

*Thank you to Kah Choon for the awesome photo and quote!

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Happy Grandma

Count your life by smiles, not tears.

Count your age by friends, not years.

~ John Lennon ~

~ Photo credit (modified): Stock snap / Pixabay / CC BY-NC

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